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CIF Number SBI – How to Find SBI CIF Number Online without Passbook

Hey, how many of you know What is CIF Number? If you are one of them who doesn’t know what is CIF number and especially SBI CIF Number, don’t worry in the next 5 minutes you are going to know CIF number SBI in detail:

CIF number comes across you while you are dealing with Banking stuff. You will face terms like CIF number and CIF code. You may be worried about what is this and popped into google to know about CIF number or CIF code. That sounds exactly like you right?

In this Article,

What is CIF Number

Contents of Customer Information File

How CIF Number works

Find SBI CIF Number (offline) using Passbook

Find SBI CIF Number using Internet Banking

Find SBI CIF Number without Passbook and Internet Banking

Find CIF No SBI using “SBI Anywhere” App

Find CIF Number using “SBI e-statement”

Customer Care Numbers

What is CIF Number?

Full form of CIF in banking is – Customer Information File. 

CIF number or CIF code means the number of files or the code of the file where the customer’s information will be embedded. One customer’s CIF number will not match with others. CIF code or CIF number is unique and will not match with others. So if you are a customer of a particular bank you will be given a CIF number which represents the file number of your information file.

  • CIF is an 11 digit number representing customer’s information file.
  • If a customer has one bank account her will have one CIF number. If the customer has more than one bank accounts in the same bank, then also he will be given only one CIF number.
  • The point to remember here is that CIF number will not be given based on the number of bank accounts but based on an individual.

Contents of Customer Information File:

As said earlier, CIF will contain all the information regarding the customer of the bank.

All the information you give to the bank like your name, phone number, address and all the information regarding your financial activities with the bank like loans, bank balance etc;

How CIF Number Works?

  • CIF number will have 11 digits code which is unique for each customer of the bank.
  • Bank will decode this 11 digit code and after decoding your bank activity could be known by the bank.
  • Not only the financial status of yours with the bank but also your KYC details which include your name, phone number, the address could be known.
  • This is the reason it is called as Customer Information file.

CIF Number SBI – Find SBI CIF Number

There are many ways you could find SBI CIF number. I will be discussing the easiest methods in this article.

Find CIF Number SBI (Offline)

This is the easiest method to find your SBI CIF Number

  • Remember when you opened your SBI Bank account, you were given a passbook
  • Open that Pass Book and in the front page left corner top you are going to see your SBI CIF number as shown in the picture below:

cif number sbi

But what if you can’t find your SBI passbook and the only thing you have is your mobile with the internet. It is easy still, just follow the steps below:

Find SBI CIF Number (Online) using Internet Banking

Go to the official website of SBI

Login to your internet banking

Enter your username and password to log in

find cif number sbi

Now you could see the shaded portion mentioning “view nomination and PAN details”

Once you click on that, you will be taken to the page as shown below

find sbi cif number

See, your CIF number on screen now. It is easy, right?

What if you don’t have SBI Passbook and also you have no SBI Internet banking and still you want to know SBI CIF number. There is an easy way to do just follow the method below:

Find SBI CIF Number using SBI Buddy Merchant App (No Passbook needed, No Internet Banking needed)

Go to your Playstore and install “SBI Buddy Merchant App” by State Bank of India.

cfi number

Install SBI Buddy Merchant App and now select your language and click on signup as shown in the image below:

cfi number sbi

You will get two options to signup to SBI Buddy Merchant app, if you don’t have SBI internet banking, click on ATM as shown in the image below:

Enter your ATM Details and click on Proceed.

cif no sbi

As shown in the image above your could view CIF number SBI and also Account Number. That’s how you could know SBI CIF number without having internet banking.

How to Find SBI CIF Number using “SBI Anywhere” App:

Download and Install SBI Anywhere app from the play store

Now login to SBI Anywhere app by entering your username and password

cif number sbi anywhere

Now select the “services” app which was highlighted in the above image

sbi cif no sbi anywhere

Now select “online Nomination”, the option highlighted in the above image.

how to find cif number sbi

Select the transaction account type and later select your account number.

how to find sbi cif number

Thus by doing so, you could view SBI CIF No on the screen now.

Find SBI CIF number by SMS E-statement

cif number sbi - estatement

To find SBI CIF number through SBI Mobile e-statement you have to register your number first.

The phone numbers are as shown in the image above.

Register your mobile number first and then send SMS to the registration number shown in the image.

Now for the mini statement given missed call or send SMS “MSTMT” to the number shown in the above image.

You will receive E-statement in which you could know find SBI CIF number associated with your mobile number.

Call SBI Customer care numbers to find your SBI CIF Number

Call any of these SBI customer care toll-free numbers 1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800 and 080-26599990.

Interact with the SBI customer care employee to know your SBI CIF number

These are all the easy methods to know SBI CIF number.

You could also find CIF Number SBI just by going to your SBI bank and interacting with the respective SBI employee.